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EURO 2024 CAS arbitration rules

The CAS arbitration rules for the UEFA EURO 2024 Final Round (scheduled to take place from 14 June to 14 July 2024) are now available in English and French.

CAS decisions

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), which was established in 1984 and is entirely independent of all other sports organisations, helps to facilitate the settlement of sport-related disputes through arbitration or mediation, applying procedural rules tailored to the specific needs of the sporting world.

Article 61 of the UEFA Statutes states that the CAS has exclusive jurisdiction – to the exclusion of any ordinary court and any other court of arbitration – to deal with the following types of dispute in its capacity as an ordinary court of arbitration: (i) disputes between UEFA and associations, leagues, clubs, players or officials; (ii) disputes of a European dimension between associations, leagues, clubs, players or officials.

The CAS is only able to intervene in its capacity as an ordinary court of arbitration if the dispute in question does not fall within the competences of a UEFA organ.

Pursuant to Article 62 of the UEFA Statutes, a decision taken by a UEFA organ may be disputed exclusively before the CAS in its capacity as an appeals arbitration body, to the exclusion of any ordinary court and any other court of arbitration. However, as Article 63 of the UEFA Statutes establishes, the CAS is not competent to deal with (i) matters relating to the application of a purely sporting rule, such as the Laws of the Game or the technical modalities of a competition, (ii) decisions through which a natural person is suspended for a period of up to two matches or up to one month, or (iii) awards issued by an independent and impartial court of arbitration in a dispute of a national dimension arising from the application of the statutes or regulations of an association.

In the interests of transparency, UEFA publishes decisions that are issued by the CAS in cases involving UEFA.

Case law